Mummies, Kayaks, and Great Views

Adventure was calling this past week, and boy did we answer!

Sometimes, in our world, living and learning (unschooling!) looks a lot like snuggles on a cozy couch, reading good books and talking about what we’ve read, done, or seen together. But this week was all get up and go!

Early Saturday morning, all four of us caught a boat off of our tiny island and made our way into town to check out the Egypt exhibit at the museum there. What a treat! Bubby recognized so many of the gods, goddesses, kings, queens, artifacts, structure, and ways of life that we have explored in our home over the past couple of weeks. He was thrilled to see a coffin just like the one King Tut was discovered in, and the Feline Mummy was a favourite. We were in awe looking at 4000 year old pieces of cloth, and jewelry. What an amazing world we live in to have the opportunity to see these things, right in front of us, that were created so very long ago in a world so very far away. We all left feeling fulfilled and inspired and satisfied.

Grabbing lunch at the food truck festival outside the museum.

I often find myself, after amazing excursions like these, feeling incredibly blessed to live this life we do, with the time, desire, and enthusiasm to follow our interests down endless rabbit trails which lead to incredible experiences.

From there we caught another, much larger, boat to the mainland and then drove for hours out to where my Mom owns a little cabin on a lake. Even though it rained most of the days we were there, the boys had a great time playing badminton and paddling around in the boats. Bubby even used a full-size kayak on his own for the very first time! He was thrilled to be able to paddle all around the lake on his own, and he did so until he developed (and then burst) blisters on his palms! You could see the pride in his face while he rowed himself around, and I couldn’t help but be overjoyed for his newfound confidence and independence on the water.

When we got home we did some of the usual stuff, going to the library, jumping on the trampoline, having tea with Grandma, hanging out on the docks with Bumpa, and hiking.

We hiked our favourite spot again, and we just can’t get over the breath-taking views. Our favourite of the views is the lakeside. There are not many spots on our island that overlook a lake, and this one is just lovely. We picnicked there and then played in the brush and branch shelters, pretending to be a family who live out in the wild. The boys even opened up a “shop” to buy tools made of stones and sticks using bark for money. It was the perfect afternoon.

We finished our week off with an amazing gathering of local families at the beach for an afternoon of kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snacks and socializing! Last summer we participated in a weekly forest program for families and this was the reunion. We took Grandma with us to this one, and it was such a wonderful time! Bubby had a blast in the water and learned some things about paddling on the ocean versus in a lake. He did great! What a fun and heart-filling way way to end a very busy week.

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