Butterfly Release!

Over here at World and Woods we are always doing our part to weave nature and conservation into our unschooling days. We have been raising Painted Lady butterflies and learning all about butterflies as pollinators for the past few weeks, and on Tuesday they were ready for us to release them!

It was such a beautiful and sad experience for the boys. We’ve watched them grow from tiny caterpillars, to protective chrysalides, to beautiful butterflies! We fed them, misted them with care, and then fed them some more. We are so happy to have gotten to experience their life cycles first hand, and to help a few beautiful pollinators reach adulthood safely, but letting them go without knowing whether or not they will make it long enough to lay their own eggs and continue the cycle was difficult.

Releasing them was bittersweet.

We planted our butterfly garden this week, and continue to take care of our beautiful deck garden where we see Swallow Tail butterflies daily. And we are looking forward to raising more butterflies (hopefully from our own garden) next year!

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