Unschooling Life Cycles (froglets!)

It’s funny how unschooling can look like all the best parts of public school sometimes! We have been, in addition to the butterflies, raising frogs for the past couple of months, so we’ve been learning about all kinds of cool life cycles!

We found frog eggs in a tiny stream near one of our favourite beaches in early April and have gotten to watch them turn into tadpoles and grow hind legs, so far! Grandma gave us a small garden pond to transfer them into and we have been working on that this week, moving it into the garden and stacking rock around it. Today we went back down to the spot where we found the eggs to dig up some of the pond plants that are part of these froggies natural habitat. While we were there we noticed that there we thousands of tadpoles in the water! The boys had brought their nets, so the quickly started catching some of the bigger ones, whose legs were further along than the ones we have at home. Then, Mama discovered a froglet! The boys started turning their attention to the colours of the froglets and ended up finding a bunch of them! We decided to take a few home for our pond, too.

We had trouble keeping them in the bucket, but finally figured out how to use one of the nets as a top to keep them in. We decided to bring home only two froglets who still had tails attached because it would give them some time in our pond before they venture off, in hopes that they might return to lay their eggs when the time comes next spring!

We’ve added the plants to our pond and are almost ready to transfer the little guys in there. We just need to get bird netting tomorrow at the hardware store to keep out the hungry robins and starlings!

2 thoughts on “Unschooling Life Cycles (froglets!)

  1. How fun. I want to do the frog life cycle with my son, but we’d have to buy the kit. We don’t live close enough to lakes or streams. It’s great that you are able to watch this out in the wild!


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