Down At The Seaweed Cafe

As unschoolers we get inspired by all sorts of things. More often than not we take our inspiration into to nature (or gather it there) and this was no different!

We love the book Down At The Seaweed Cafe by Robert Perry, and we read it over and over! On a beach excursion with Bumpa this week, the boys asked if we could help them build a Seaweed Cafe of their own. We did! And it turned out amazing!

Bubby and Snickers helped gathered logs to use in the structure. They came up with design ideas and helped heave the logs up on top of others to put the Cafe together. It was hard work, but we did it! Then the boys gathered shells and stones and flowers and seaweed to use as food. They used bull kelp and driftwood for cups and dishes. They created burgers and ice cream sundaes and burritos. Bumpa and I drank milkshakes and dined on fine ocean delicacies. It was absolutely perfect!

Have a sip

Of seaweed tea,

In a bull-kelp cup-

Ah, the taste of the sea!

Or crunchy snacks

Fresh from the shore

Where seaweed grows

And breakers roar.

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