Last week we dove in headfirst learning about dragonflies! We got our hands on an amazing resource called Magic Forest Academy, and my kids are loving using it for their interests in nature (which are many).

We spent hours at a few different dragonfly hatching spots (even one day caught in a torrential downpour!), observing them as swimming nymphs and flying insects! We got to watch one hatch from it’s nymph body. We watched them fly, eat nectar, and skim the lakes. They are amazing creatures!

We learned about their significance to the Zuni tribe of Southwestern North America. I told the boys a traditional Zuni myth about the dragonfly and it’s significance to the tribes harvest. We read about about this same myth in a book called Dragonfly Tale. It was beautifully written and illustrated! We studies Zuni pottery depicting the dragonfly and then drew some of our own dragonflies in the Zuni style.

We learned the difference between Dragonflies and Damselflies.

We learned about tessellations, specifically Voronoi diagrams because the dragonfly wings follow a very similar pattern! SO cool! We are SERIOUSLY loving these artistic and hands-on math adventures. We also played with pattern blocks while exploring tessellations.

We made tasty chocolate dipped pretzel Dragonflies, and pretty beaded dragonflies to hang in our windows.

We have loved using Magic Forest Academy and will certainly continue to as long as my boys are interested (which I anticipate will be a very long time!)

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